About Us

The EXWHITE service allows you to quickly and safely conduct transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in automatic mode. Support for a large number of cards of Russian and Ukrainian banks, electronic wallets will allow you to pay for the purchase of cryptocurrency or receive money for it in the most convenient way.

Transaction security is one of the main principles of our interaction with clients. That is why we check the buy / sell rate every 30 seconds, taking into account possible rate jumps. Despite the full automation of our service system, each transaction is monitored in real time by the operator. This precaution will allow instant user support and prevent possible cases of fraud.

In addition, the security of the site is ensured by encryption at the level of an SSL certificate, which eliminates the possibility of interception of user data by fraudsters. Additionally, personal registration data and addresses of incoming and outgoing wallets are encrypted.

EXWHITE is a reliable, secure and fault-tolerant cryptocurrency exchange service. Our site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all transactions are carried out instantly. Regular exchange rate updates (twice a minute) ensure the most accurate rate, and the low commission of the service offers our clients the most favorable exchange conditions.